International News

VIDEO: Mediterranean diet 'best for obesity'

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 22:35
A Mediterranean diet may be a better way of tackling obesity than calorie counting, leading doctors have said.

'Stop £11m M4 relief road'

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 22:09
Spending on a controversial M4 relief road should be stopped because it will cost £11m over the next two years, Plaid Cymru says.

Asian shares lower on Japan GDP data

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 21:59
Asian markets traded lower on Monday on news that Japan's economy contracted for a second consecutive quarter, marking a recession.

Bulldozers to demolish Bridger home

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 21:57
Bulldozers are set to start demolishing a cottage dubbed the "house of evil", where Mark Bridger is believed to have murdered five-year-old April Jones.

VIDEO: Xi Jinping on Australia trade deal

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 21:45
China's President Xi Jinping addressed the Australian parliament ahead of signing a free trade agreement between the two countries.

Unseen WW1 photos uncovered

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 21:42
Unseen World War One photographs uncovered

VIDEO: Velvet Revolution: 25 years on

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 21:30
Twenty-five years after the fall of communism in Prague, has disillusionment set in?

Police vehicle 'struck by device'

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 21:16
A police vehicle is attacked with what is believed to have been a bomb in north Belfast.

Bernstein call to boycott World Cup

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 21:15
Former FA chairman David Bernstein says England and Uefa should boycott the 2018 World Cup to force Fifa to reform.

Colombia calls off Farc peace talks

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 20:49
The Colombian president‎ Juan Manuel Santos calls off peace talks with the Farc rebel group after the apparent kidnapping of an army general.

Paedophile link to Savile show guest

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 20:02
A British antiques expert who restored items for royalty was a child abuser involved in a notorious paedophile campaign group, the BBC can reveal.

Mudslides hit Switzerland and Italy

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 19:42
At least four people are killed when landslides engulf homes in southern Switzerland and northern Italy following days of torrential rain.

VIDEO: Shanghai - HK share scheme launches

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 19:05
A partnership between the Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock market has been launched.

Europe: Six decades of strife for UK

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 18:54
The current spat between the UK and Europe is nothing new, says former Euro-diplomat Sir Stephen Wall.

What do twerking and the Charleston have in common?

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 18:47
What the Charleston and twerking have in common?

Can anyone reinvent the everyday chair?

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 18:46
Could this Ikea seat take over the world?

VIDEO: Fatal landslides as storms hit Europe

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 18:38
Storms and heavy rains batter parts of Italy and Switzerland, causing a number of fatalities.

Warning lights for global economy - PM

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 18:00
Prime Minister David Cameron warns of a "dangerous backdrop of instability and uncertainty" in the global economy, which could risk the UK's recovery.

Portuguese minister quits in scandal

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 17:19
Portugal's interior minister resigns following an investigation into alleged corruption linked to the allocation of residence permits.

'Skunk power' fires fusion confusion

BBC - Sun, 2014-11-16 16:53
Can nuclear fusion become a reality within 10 years? Our environment correspondent Matt McGrath analyses the quest for abundant, cheap, carbon-free energy.