International News

Social media ban for 9/11 post vicar

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 03:48
A vicar who posted a link to an article that blamed Israel for the 9/11 attacks is banned from using social media for six months.

VIDEO: Nasa reveals far side of the Moon

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 03:47
Using nearly five-years worth of mapping data from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, NASA has to provided a view of the moon from the side the cannot be seen from earth.

Wales must build on win, says Taylor

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 03:34
Wales captain Rachel Taylor is calling on her team to reproduce the form that saw them beat England when they face Scotland.

Pellet stuck in attacked cat's nose

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 03:19
A stray cat who sniffed a lot had a pellet lodged inside her nose which was only detected by an X-ray, the RSPCA says.

Superbug surge tackled by hospital

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 03:14
A surge in cases of the superbug Clostridium difficile has lead to extra cleaning at a north Wales hospital, officials confirm.

When does avoidance become evasion?

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 03:09
When does avoidance become evasion?

Ukraine ceasefire: The 12-point plan

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 03:09
Heavy fighting in eastern Ukraine has scuppered a ceasefire deal agreed between Ukraine and pro-Russian rebels in Minsk on 5 September.

VIDEO: Ex-boss of HSBC: 'No comment'

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 03:08
The former boss of HSBC Lord Green refuses to comment over allegations the bank helped wealthy clients to "tax dodge"

Ugandan runaways play rugby in Wales

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 03:04
Two Ugandan rugby players who disappeared after competing in the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow last year are playing for a small Cardiff team, it emerges.

Baby ashes inquiry finds 60 cases

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 03:00
An inquiry into the failure of a Shrewsbury crematorium to return the ashes of dead babies to their families finds at least 60 cases over the last 15 years.

Klass reprimanded over presents row

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 02:56
Singer Myleene Klass is publically reprimanded by the head teacher of her daughter's school after mocking other parents online.

Ivory Coast celebrates with holiday

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 02:51
Ivory Coast declares a public holiday to celebrate its dramatic win over Ghana in the Africa Cup of Nations final.

Woakes happy with new-ball role

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 02:50
England seamer Chris Woakes says he is "obviously keen to carry on" taking the new ball in the forthcoming World Cup.

Wenger in dark over Wilshere return

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 02:43
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says he does not know when midfielder Jack Wilshere will return from his ankle injury.

Man guilty of OAP scissors murder

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 02:36
A 24-year-old man is found guilty of murdering an 85-year-old woman in her Edinburgh home.

Samsung warns about 'listening' TV

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 02:20
Samsung is warning people to avoid discussing personal information in front of their smart television set.

Lee 'extremely hurt' by book claims

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 02:04
To Kill a Mockingbird author Harper Lee is "extremely hurt" by claims she was pressured into releasing a "lost" novel, according to her lawyer.

Translink head quits to be preacher

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 02:02
The chief executive of Translink is leaving his £155,000-a-year post to devote his life to preaching.

Man shot by police after stabbing

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 02:01
A man is shot by a police officer after a woman was stabbed at a house in Kent.

UK plans for possible Grexit

BBC - Mon, 2015-02-09 01:48
David Cameron plans for possible Greek exit from the eurozone to ensure UK banks and companies are not excessively damaged.