International News

MPs criticise 'cast-off' trains

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 18:00
Rail passengers outside the south-east of England are expected to put up with "cast-off" trains, according to a committee of MPs.

Catholic demand over Richard III

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 17:29
A petition calling for Richard III's bones to be taken to a Catholic chapel is to be handed to church leaders.

Car production at seven-year high

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 17:22
Car plants in the UK produced more than 1.5 million vehicles last year, the most since 2007, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.

Picture power: Tear gas at Kenyan primary school

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 17:08
Photographer Tony Karumba talks about the moment he witnessed Kenyan schoolchildren being tear-gassed at a protest in Nairobi.

Blasphemy, jihad and victimhood

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 17:04
Owen Bennett-Jones investigates how blasphemy has changed in the public consciousness since the Charlie Hebdo shootings.

Can France integrate humiliated suburbs?

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 17:02
Members of France's impoverished banlieues were glaringly absent from France's march in support of Charlie victims, writes Hugh Schofield.

Lawyer: US 'will clear David Hicks'

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:48
The US accepts that the former Guantanamo inmate, Australian David Hicks, is innocent, his lawyer tells local media.

Plastic surgery rules proposed

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:46
Doctors should be prevented from performing plastic surgery outside their speciality, according to the Royal College of Surgeons.

Myanmar and its vitriolic monk

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:37
How is U Wirathu viewed in Myanmar? BBC Burmese explain how and why this divisive figure is tolerated in Myanmar.

New imaging centre at university

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:34
A new "cutting-edge" £8m microscopic imaging facility is opened at Dundee University with the goal of advancing research.

Love in a time of crisis in Greece

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:32
Relationships in a time of crisis in Greece

Lidl expansion 'to create 500 jobs'

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:31
German discount supermarket Lidl says it will create 500 jobs over the next 12 months in Scotland, as part of expansion plans.

Scientists slow the speed of light

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:28
A team of Scottish scientists make light travel slower than the speed of light by changing the shape of photons.

Blood pressure device 'promising'

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:28
A device the size of a paper clip inserted in the groin has shown promising results in lowering blood pressure, scientists say.

Thailand to rule on Yingluck's fate

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:25
Thailand's legislature is to rule on the political fate of former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra, with a vote on whether to impeach her.

Apple's Tim Cook salary up over 40%

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:17
Tech giant Apple's chief executive Tim Cook's base salary was increased by nearly 43% in February last year, according to the company.

Captain America dons a turban

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:15
A superhero Sikh fights stereotypes

Masked tutors 'boost nurse training'

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:11
Nursing tutors at the University of Surrey are planning to make themselves unrecognisable in a bid to boost students' bedside skills.

Glasgow 2014 contracts 'worth £669m'

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:10
Major construction projects connected to the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games amounted to nearly £670m, according to city officials.

Refugee's 'Moscow agent' claims

BBC - Thu, 2015-01-22 16:09
Chechen dissident says Moscow agents tortured him