International News

Brown's battle, and the royal baby - the papers

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 21:08
The "neck-and-neck" race between the yes and no camps in Scotland, and news of the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy dominates Tuesday's headlines.

Man dies in Australia shark attack

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 21:07
A man has been killed in a suspected shark attack off a beach in Australia's Byron Bay, officials say.

Peru anti-logging activists murdered

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 19:51
Four Peruvian anti-logging activists and tribal leaders have been killed by suspected illegal loggers, officials say.

VIDEO: China tidal bore draws huge crowds

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 19:43
Tens of thousands of people lined the banks of the Qiantang River in China on Monday to watch the world-famous tidal bore.

CO2 rises at fastest rate since 1984

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 18:09
Concentrations of warming gases in the atmosphere reached record levels in 2013 say the World Meteorological Organisation.

US hails 'milestone' Iraq government

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 18:07
The US hails the new Iraqi government ahead of a trip by Secretary of State John Kerry to the region to shore up support against IS.

Dutch to publish first MH17 report

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 17:24
Dutch experts are due to publish the first report into what caused Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 to crash in eastern Ukraine in July.

Penn State sex abuse penalty reduced

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 17:17
The body governing US collegiate sport eases the punishment against a university where a football coach was convicted of sexually abusing children.

Fears raised before helicopter crash

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 16:57
A heliport operator raised concerns about flying close to a high-rise building in south London four years before a fatal helicopter crash, a report says.

Should we build just like the Victorians did?

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 16:46
Should the UK build things like the Victorians?

Ashya due to visit Prague clinic

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 16:46
Brain tumour patient Ashya King is expected to undergo his first consultation later at a Czech clinic ahead of planned proton beam treatment.

EU adopts fresh sanctions on Russia

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 16:27
European Union member states formally adopt new sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis, but do not specify when they will come in to force.

Justin Bieber assault charge dropped

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 16:21
Canadian prosecutors drop an assault charge against pop star Justin Bieber stemming from an alleged 2013 attack on a limo driver in Toronto.

How do the English in Scotland feel?

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 16:20
The English in Scotland campaigning for independence

Review of TV licence enforcement

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 16:17
Ministers are to review how payment of the TV licence fee is enforced amid concerns about the number of people ending up in court for evasion.

Burying Ukraine's fallen innocents

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 16:16
Burying the child casualties of Ukraine's conflict

VIDEO: US rollercoaster collapses in fire

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 16:04
Dramatic pictures have emerged of a recently closed rollercoaster in Los Angeles that collapsed after fire broke out on the wooden frame.

VIDEO: UK's youngest bone marrow donor

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 16:04
A student will become the youngest person in the UK to donate his bone marrow when he has an operation this week.

Carney to address unions on wages

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 16:02
Bank of England governor Mark Carney will set out his plans for "real wages" when he addresses the TUC annual conference.

TSB to open up to 30 new branches

BBC - Mon, 2014-09-08 15:19
TSB - the bank formerly owned by Lloyds - has confirmed that it is in the process of opening up to 30 new branches, although 300 other banks have shut.