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The Doctor Who Championed Hand Washing And Briefly Saved Lives

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-11 23:22

One of the most important medical advances may also be the simplest — hand washing. It's the best defense against spreading disease. And its power was discovered long before anyone knew about germs.

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Novelist Robert Stone, Known For 'Dog Soldiers,' Dies At 77

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-11 21:43

Robert Stone, the award-winning novelist who spun out tales worldwide of seekers, frauds and other misbegotten American dreamers in such works as A Flag for Sunrise and Dog Soldiers, died on Saturday.

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Obama To Propose Laws On Hacking Notification, Student Privacy

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-11 21:02

President Obama wants to require companies to inform customers within 30 days if their data has been hacked. He also wants to prevent companies from selling student data to third parties.

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Ancient Scottish Sea Reptile Not 'Nessie,' But Just As Cute

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-11 15:08

It was 15 feet long, with a snout shaped like a dolphin's. This newly identified meat-eater swam the seas near the Isle of Skye in the time of dinosaurs.

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Sri Lanka's Transition Of Power Maybe Not So Peaceful After All

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-11 12:57

When President Mahinda Rajapaksa lost in last week's elections, he said he looked forward to "the peaceful transition of power." But the new government says he tried for a last-minute power grab.

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Indian Man, A No-Show At Work For 25 Years, Finally Gets The Ax

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-11 11:32

A.K. Verma left his desk at the Central Public Works Department in 1990 and never came back. On Thursday, it finally caught up with him.

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If A Smart Stove Could Suggest Recipes, Would You Buy It?

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-11 10:48

Tech companies are lining up to sell us "smart" things that learn what we might want and give it to us before we ask. But so far consumers seem wary, in part because of privacy concerns.

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Searchers Say They've Located 'Black Box' From AirAsia Flight

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-11 09:00

Officials say divers will go down Monday to the bottom of the Java Sea in an effort to retrieve the flight data recorder from the wreckage of the Airbus A320.

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'Selma' Stirs Powerful Memories In Its Namesake Town

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-11 08:27

At a free screening of the film in Selma, Ala., many in the audience — both black and white — had firsthand connections to the history portrayed on the screen.

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Anita Ekberg, 50's Screen Star And Sex Symbol, Dies At 83

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-11 07:01

The Swedish-born actress whose most famous role was as Sylvia in Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita, died outside Rome this morning.

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