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What Heroin Addiction Tells Us About Changing Bad Habits

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 23:33

Sure, you resolve to exercise more, but somehow it never happens. It could be that your environment is sabotaging you, psychologists say. A famous study about heroin and the Vietnam War explains how.

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How Driver's License Suspensions Unfairly Target The Poor

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 23:30

Losing your driver's license is a serious penalty, but often it's for nothing to do with unsafe driving. Without one, many who can't afford to pay the fines, have a hard time finding or keeping a job.

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Hedge Fund Founder Thomas Gilbert Slain, Gunman Sought

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 20:52

Police say Thomas Gilbert, 70, was shot in the head in his Manhattan apartment. He founded Wainscott Capital Partners Fund which focuses on the biotech and health care industries.

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She Left The Nightlife Behind To Become A Life Coach

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 13:05

A former exotic dancer and dominatrix, Mira Johnson now coaches others on reinventing themselves. Her clients know she won't judge them, she says, no matter what choices they've made in life.

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Pope Announces 20 New Cardinals, With Homelands From Myanmar To Mexico

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 11:28

Some of the prelates come from countries that have never before been represented at such a high level in the Catholic Church — including Tonga and Cape Verde.

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Boko Haram Reportedly Seizes Nigerian Army Base

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 10:41

The capture of the base and adjoining town is the latest attack by the extremist groups, which is also responsible for the mass kidnapping of school-aged girls in April.

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TV in 2015: Late-Night Shuffles, Big Goodbyes And More

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 10:00

The most important TV events coming in 2015 include new voices in late-night, big goodbyes, online platforms picking up old shows and, NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans says, more of everything.

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ESPN Sportscaster Stuart Scott Dies At 49

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 07:22

The longtime host of the SportsCenter was famous for his enthusiasm and the bevy of catchphrases he mined for his commentary.

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NYPD Officer's Funeral Binds Diversity In Culture And Opinion

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 07:18

NYPD Officer Wenjian Liu is being laid to rest Sunday. Liu and his partner were killed last month. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with WNYC's Stephen Nessen from the scene about what mourners are saying.

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NYPD's Wenjian Liu, Killed In Dec. Shooting, Is Laid To Rest

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 06:18

The officer and his partner, Rafael Ramos, were gunned down in an unprovoked attack on Dec. 20.

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North Korea: New Sanctions Prove U.S. 'Inveterate Repugnancy'

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 05:36

The statement by an unnamed foreign ministry official in Pyongyang comes two days after President Obama slapped new sanctions on the hard-line regime.

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More Bodies, Wreckage, Recovered From AirAsia Flight

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 04:43

Search-and-rescue teams have recovered another four bodies from the Java Sea, bringing the number to 34 from the crash of Flight QZ8501, which was carrying 162 passengers went it went down a week ago.

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New York Prepares For Slain Officer's Funeral

NPR News - Sun, 2015-01-04 04:07

NYPD officer Wenjian Liu will be laid to rest Sunday. Liu and his partner were killed last month. Cops from around the U.S. will attend, and questions remain about how they'll greet Mayor de Blasio.

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