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New York City To Teens: TXT ME With Mental Health Worries

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 08:42

In an effort to connect teenagers with mental health services, New York is testing counseling via text for high school students. They join a growing trend.

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Saudi Arabia Pounds Rebel Targets In Yemen On 2nd Day Of Air Campaign

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 07:59

Airstrikes and anti-aircraft fire rocked the capital, Sanaa, while Houthi rebels continued their push into southern Yemen. Meanwhile, Arab foreign ministers gathered in Egypt.

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Indiana Suspends Ban On Needle Exchanges To Combat HIV Outbreak

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 06:57

The state's governor says he would temporarily OK a program in one county after dozens of new infections were reported stemming from the injection of the prescription drug Opana.

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Is There Any Way To Screen The World's Pilots For Suicidal Tendencies?

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 05:27

There are questionnaires that aim to identify people at risk of killing themselves. But the tests are flawed — and it's not at all clear they'd be effective in assessing the mental state of pilots.

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Airlines Worldwide Rush To Adopt '2-Person' Cockpit Rule

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 05:21

In the wake of the apparently deliberate crash of a German airliner, carriers in Europe, the Middle East and Asia say they will emulate a U.S. rule requiring two people in the cockpit at all times.

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Sen. Harry Reid Says He Won't Seek Re-Election

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 03:59

The Democratic leader in the Senate announced his decision in a video. "My friend Sen. [Mitch] McConnell, don't be too elated," he said. "I'm going to be here for 22 months."

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WATCH: Obama, A 'Wire' Superfan, Talks To Show's Creator David Simon

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 03:38

The president called the show "one of the greatest, not just television shows, but pieces of art in the last couple of decades." Their conversation was about the effects of the war on drugs.

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Stretching One Great Teacher Across Many Classrooms

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 03:03

A Nashville middle school is test-driving a big idea: To put a great teacher in charge of multiple classrooms.

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PODCAST: Are you going to eat that?

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2015-03-27 03:00

The loved ones of people lost on that Germanwings flight in France this week, along with every thing else, will be confronted with issues of financial liability. With authorities pointing to a deliberate act by a member of the crew, the company's liability could rise. More on that. Plus, the European Union is looking at whether e-commerce sites across its 28 countries are putting up illegal barriers to cross border purchases.  The investigation, which will last more than a year - will look at online retailers including the big ones... like Amazon, which accounts for a large chunk of Europe's online commerce. And there's a fancy New York restaurant where you can eat garbage. Really good tasting garbage. The menu consists of items made either entirely or in part from food waste, an effort to interrupt the supply chain, find value and make a point about what we throw away.

Report: Germanwings Co-Pilot Treated For Depression

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 02:51

The report in the daily Bild comes as Duesseldorf police searched Andreas Lubitz's home Montabaur. Lubitz appears to have deliberately crashed the plane carrying 150 people into the French Alps.

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New York chef turns food scraps into fine cuisine

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2015-03-27 02:00

Americans love a good food trend, whether it’s boneless wings, or eating like a locavore. In New York, one establishment is breaking new ground with a menu that consists only of dishes made from food waste.

Dumpster dive vegetable salad. Fried skate wing cartilage. Meatloaf made from beef usually fed to dogs. These are among the specialties at wastED, a popup in the space that’s usually occupied by Blue Hill, a farm-to-table restaurant where President Obama and the first lady once ate.

Like a lot of food-conscious people, Blue Hill’s chef, Dan Barber, is appalled by waste. Not just the meals people leave on the plate, but the food that never even makes it into the kitchen.

For example: the leftover pulp from cold-pressed juice. Barber figured out how to turn it into veggie burgers. And he says the guy who runs the juice factory is delighted.

“I mean, he said, ‘I’ve thought about this a lot and I hate that we’re trucking this to other states to dump or to compost, it makes no sense,’” Barber says. “But is it his fault? I don’t think so.”

Barber believes it’s the chef’s job to find a use for everything, so the supply chain sends less food into the trash.

In his kitchen, Dan Barber picks up what appears to be a thumb-sized piece of plywood.

“After you press the pistachio for the pistachio oil, this is what’s left. But here we made it into a cookie,” Barber says.

Dipped in chocolate, it is actually pretty good.

A peek inside the kitchen trash can reveals a tangle of latex gloves and plastic wrap. Nevertheless, Dan Barber reaches in, and pulls out some useable vegetable matter.

“See that’s a no-no,” Barber says. “I’m glad you caught me. These are beautiful ends of shallots. We should probably do a dish with this.”

WastED runs through the end of the month. All plates cost $15, and reservations are recommended.





The ins and outs of 'zero-based budgeting'

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2015-03-27 02:00

It looks like Kraft will be put on a strict diet after its merger with Heinz.

That diet could come in the form of zero-based budgeting which the parent company behind the deal – 3G Capital Partners – uses as part of it's cost-cutting playbook.

It involves  managers justifying spending plans from scratch every year, and not just carrying over the last year’s budget.

“Every department within a large organization would have to justify their existence,” says Shane Dikolli, a professor of management accounting in the MBA program at Duke University.

He says when 3G Capital Partners took over Heinz, it saved money by getting rid of corporate jets, and even limited use of company printers.  

But there are drawbacks. Zero-based budgeting is time consuming, and can hurt morale. That's why many companies just do it every few years.

But it is catching on, and not just in corporate suites. The Iowa governor’s budget office uses snippets of zero-based budgeting to examine government programs. And Iowa lawmakers are considering legislation to bring the state even closer to a zero-based budgeting system. 





European Union investigates e-commerce

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2015-03-27 02:00

The European Union plans to investigate whether there is anti-competitive behavior among e-commerce sites across the 28-nation bloc.

The investigation, which will last more than a year, will examine a number of online retailers and websites, including giants like Amazon, which accounts for a large chunk of Europe's e-commerce.

Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission antitrust chief, says she wants to investigate why cross-border purchases make up only 15 percent of the EU's online sales.

Ricardo Cardoso, a spokesperson with the European Commission, says the investigation is aimed at a broader goal. "There is an overarching ambition of the commission to make sure that we have a single market in online in general," says Cardoso.

Silicon Tally: Facebook Drones

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2015-03-27 02:00

It's time for Silicon Tally! How well have you kept up with the week in tech news?

This week, we're joined by Ben Richmond, contributing editor to Vice’s Motherboard.

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Soylent aims for maximum nutrition with minimum effort

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2015-03-27 02:00

It might seem surprising (or not, depending on your personal taste) that a life lived on instant ramen could lead to a breakthrough in nutrition. But that's exactly what led Robert Rhinehart to want a food product that provided all of the nutrients of a full meal while maintaining the simplicity of something like an instant noodle. So he created Soylent, which is touted as the biggest pivot in YC (Y-Combinator) history.

With roughly the consistency of a milkshake, Soylent is described on the company's website as providing "maximum nutrition with minimum effort."

Click the media player above to hear Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio try Soylent for himself.

$85 will buy you a week's worth of the product (28+ meals, according to the site). For $300, you get 112+ meals, which the company says is enough for 4 weeks of sustenance. 

The Washington Post sat down with a nutritionist to breakdown of some of the benefits and drawbacks of the product. While both the absence of added sugar and preservatives, as well as the elimination of waste were acknowledged as benefits, the article also points to the cultural necessity of food preparation and community. The need for dietary fiber and variety in diet are also cited as concerns.

For his part, Rhinehart says that he was drawn to how a product like Soylent could eliminate some of the complexities of meal preparation from his daily life. And, he points out, traditional meals will be there when you want them. 


Two apps, both alike in functionality

Marketplace - American Public Media - Fri, 2015-03-27 01:58

That's what Twitter paid to acquire the live-streaming app Periscope earlier in the year. The app launched Thursday, riding a new wave of smartphone live-streaming. Kai Ryssdal talked with Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson about the streaming resurgence, its commerce and drawbacks.


That's how much you'll spend on 4 weeks worth of Soylent, a milkshake-like product that claims to provide the nutrients of a full meal with minimal effort. Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio got to try some of the stuff, and said the flavor was unremarkable. Robert Rhinehart, the creator of the product, said that's the point. Rhinehart's goal was to create a product that removed some of the complexities of meal preparation from his daily life.

5 percent

The average mall vacancy rate in American malls at the end of last year. That comes from a report often cited to show malls are dying, including in this blog. CityLab puts the stats in context, arguing that the death of the American mall has been greatly exaggerated.


The approximate cost of a "notel," a portable media player that is gaining popularity in North Korea, Reuters reports. It's a combination TV/radio/DVD player with USB and SD ports, and it can be charged from a car battery. It's essentially the perfect device for North Koreans looking to get around censorship laws; some will reportedly watch banned media via USB with a state-approved DVD in the player to camouflage their use. Notels are pouring into the country from China via the black market, so many that the government recently started selling its own modified versions.

2 agents

That’s how many agents the FBI has that are authorized to fly its fleet of drones. This was just one of the frailities revealed in a report released earlier this week on the FBI's drone program. But you already knew that, didn't you? So why not head over to Silicon Tally, our weekly quiz on the week in tech, and prove your news savvy.

German Police Search For Clues To Crash In Co-Pilot's Homes

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 01:14

Police have searched the homes of Andreas Lubitz in two German cities in search of an explanation for why he may have crashed a passenger plane into the French Alps, killing all 150 people on board.

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Senate Follows House In Passing GOP Budget To Balance Budget

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 01:06

Working into Friday's pre-dawn hours, senators approved the blueprint by a near party-line 52-46 vote, endorsing a measure that closely follows one the House passed Wednesday.

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As Nigeria Votes, The Specter Of Boko Haram Hangs Over The Election

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 01:02

Nigerians pick their president on Saturday. For election officials, the challenges include providing ballots for more than a million people displaced by Boko Haram attacks.

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NASA To Study A Twin In Space And His Brother On Earth

NPR News - Fri, 2015-03-27 00:43

During astronaut Scott Kelly's year in space, scientists will compare his physiology with that of his twin brother, Mark, to study the effect of prolonged space flight on the human body.

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