The Kenai Peninsula Borough School District honored Port Graham teacher Devin Michel Way with a Golden Apple Award earlier this month. The annual award shines a spotlight on educators, volunteers or community members that go the extra mile to support education.

Way teaches kindergarten through fourth grade which would be a daunting task to many. But the district says she is a master of personalizing instruction to every student’s needs. The district notes she may be soothing a crying kindergartner while chatting with fourth graders about a novel’s theme.

Sugt'stun Word of the Week - March 26, 2018

Mar 26, 2018
Wikimedia Commons

Kapkaanaq  -  To trap

Suk ikuuciimalraa qaterqamek quirrimek kapkaanamini.

A man found a white groundhog in his trap.

Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

As communities and students around the country participated in March for Our Lives gatherings in an effort to get state and federal legislators to pass tighter gun control measures, Homer residents held an impromptu gathering at Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith and Love Park in downtown Homer.

A local political group, Citizens Action Network, organized the gathering of about 60 people after members realized no march was planned. Hal Spence was one of the organizers of the impromptu gathering.

Image courtesy of Alaska State Troopers

A Nikolaevsk man is dead and one Alaska State Trooper is injured after an officer-involved shooting Saturday evening. Troopers received a report that 42-year-old Nikolai Yakunin was in contact with a female, a violation of his probation conditions.

Troopers received the report around 2:30  p.m. and responded about four and a half hours later at about 7 p.m.

Cost of Cold: Staying warm in Homer

Mar 24, 2018
Aaron Bolton, KBBI News

About 20 percent of Homer residents have access to natural gas to heat their homes. For those who don’t, heating oil is an expensive alternative. That forces some residents to consider less conventional options- like coal.  More Homer residents are switching to burning coal they collect themselves, off the beach. 

Karen Hamm is walking along the tide line at a popular beach on the Homer Spit, five gallon bucket in hand. She reaches down to collect chunks of coal. Some are pebble sized. Others are a large as a loaf of bread.

Hamm says it’s not an ideal day to scavenge.

Creative Commons photo by Ed Bierman

In January, disagreements on the International Pacific Halibut Commission came to a head. U.S. and Canadian commissioners are in agreement on one thing, halibut stocks are on the decline. But when it came to divvying up the catch between U.S. and Canadian waters, commissioners were at an impasse.

The fundamental disagreement comes down to whether halibut should be allocated solely based on the science or if social and economic considerations should also play a role. Next month commissioners will begin that conversation.

North Pacific Fishery Management Council

Governor Bill Walker submitted nominations this month to fill two seats on the North Pacific Fishery Management Council. Alaska has five seats with voting power on the council—two of which will be open in August. The secretary of commerce appoints the council members based on the governor’s recommendation.

Walker nominated incumbent Seward-based charter owner Andrew Mezirow for one of the two seats. Council members may be reappointed, but there is a three-term limit. Mezirow is a lifelong sports angler and the owner of Gray Light Sports fishing.

Courtesy of Alaska Legislature

Alaska State Representative Paul Seaton of Homer spoke with Renee Gross on March 23 about the state budget. 

Friends of the Homer Public Library

The Friends of the Homer Public Library will be honoring renowned whale-bone expert Lee Post with a Lifelong Learning Award.  The annual award applauds an adult community member for making a lifelong commitment to acquiring an exceptional skill or knowledge.

City of Homer

Lieutenant Will Hutt is retiring from the Homer Police Department after serving the community for twenty-four years.  He started in Homer in 1994 and was promoted to lieutenant in 2013. His last day on the job is just about a month away. 

Lieutenant Will Hutt is cleaning his office. It’s full of things he’s collected over the years. 

"I don't know; I've got a lot of junk," he said opening a metal drawer.


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