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Earnings from commercial fisheries on the Kenai Peninsula have been going down in recent years according to the 2018 Kenai Peninsula Borough Comprehensive Draft Plan.

The plan, released in December, states that fishery earnings declined from 2013 to 2016 and cites research from the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission. Total revenue from fisheries on the peninsula during that time decreased from roughly 150 to 90 million dollars. Craig Farrington is a researcher at the commission and said smaller earnings are likely due to less salmon.


Every good fish story seems to be based in the past, and as most fishermen will tell you, the fish were bigger way back when. But in the case of chinook, or king salmon, that actually seems to be the case. At the turn of the twentieth century, you can find photographs of fishermen holding up massive king salmon, now, not so much. But a recent study published in Wiley Online Library may have an idea as to why kings up and down the West Coast are shrinking.

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The Mariners basketball teams closed out their regular season on a high note on Friday. The boy’s team won against Seward 70-38 and player Koby Etzwiler scored big with 24 points.  

The girl’s team also won against Seward: 52-22. Player Alissa Cole led the way by scoring 20 points. Both teams won on senior night to the biggest crowds of the season.  

Homer High School Athletic Director Chris Perk said at regionals this weekend, it is likely the boy’s team will seed third and the girl’s team will seed fourth.

Kachemak Bay Science Conference

This week's Coffee Table is a preview of The Kachemak Bay Science Conference. Guests: Syverine Bentz from Kachemak Bay Estuarine Research Reserve, Beth Trowbridge, Executive Director of The Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies, and Sue Saupe of Cook Inlet Regional Citizens Advisory Council. The conference is March 7 - 11. It is free to attend. Register at:

Red dots showing SeaFET sensor deployment sites in Kachemak Bay.Credit Courtesy of Amanda KelleyEdit | Remove

In just a couple of weeks, researchers will be collecting the first batch of data from a new system monitoring ocean acidification in Kachemak Bay.

Courtesy of Alaska Legislature

Alaska State Representative Paul Seaton of Homer spoke with Renee Gross on March 2 about the budget, gun legislation and funding public defenders. 

South Peninsula Hospital

It's a good job market for healthcare professionals. The older population is driving the need for more care and hospitals are expanding their services. On the Kenai Peninsula, healthcare-support jobs are predicated to be the fastest growing occupation this year with the amount of jobs increasing by  2.5 percent. But recruiting healthcare workers to rural Alaska continues to be a challenge.

The Kenai Peninsula Borough’s population, like many places in Alaska, is aging.

Sugt'stun Word of the Week - February 26, 2018

Feb 28, 2018
Creative Commons

Kenerkiiruu piliitaq  -  feed the fire

Piliitaq qamegkuan'llkiu, kenerkiirkiaggu.

Translation: Don't let the stove go out; keep feeding it wood.


Janna Davis

The Homer High School Nordic Girls Ski team won first place in the state competition last Thursday through Saturday in Fairbanks, and it’s the first time Homer has brought home the state championship in years.  

Katia Holmes is one of the top two skiers on cross-country ski team. She said she’s been skiing practically since she was born. But even for her, there were some tough spots during her races in Fairbanks.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

An ordinance to allow the commercial marijuana industry to take root on the Homer Spit was introduced Monday by the Homer City Council.

The Cannabis Advisory Commission recommended that the council approve opening the spit to the industry late last summer and both the Advisory Planning and Port and Harbor Advisory commissions approved that recommendation before it made its way to the council.


Apply for your 2018 PFD, and Pick.Click.Give!

When you apply for your Permanent Fund Dividend, you can select your favorite Alaskan nonprofits and give a portion of your PFD back to your community.

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