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Katherine Franke is a law professor at Columbia University where she heads the Public Rights/Private Conscience Project. And she joins us from New York to talk about this some more. Welcome to the program.


Lawyers representing thousands of inmates who have been held in small, windowless rooms say they’ve reached a settlement with the state of California to end the practice of extreme long-term isolation. Michael Montgomery talks with Here & Now’s Lisa Mullins about the history of solitary confinement in California and what is going to change.

Flying presents a particular set of challenges for people with allergies to peanuts and tree nuts. Even touching an armrest with residue on it can cause someone with an allergy to go into anaphylactic shock, where the airway closes and the person is unable to breathe.

People who use Google’s internet browser Chrome could soon see fewer of those ads that pop up or start playing automatically. Starting today, Chrome will block online ads that use Adobe Flash. Flash is the technology behind many of the online video and banner ads that pop up or start playing on their own.

Now the ads will be defaulted to pause on Chrone, so users will have to elect to watch them. Jason Bellini of The Wall Street Journal joins Here & Now’s Lisa Mullins to take a look at what this means for Adobe Flash and for online advertising.

New Waivers To Fill Gaps in Continuum of Care

May 30, 2015
State of Alaska

Some seniors are in danger of losing access to the state’s Medicaid Waiver Program. The program pays the cost of their housing and nursing care. The state says to qualify for the C waiver applicants must meet Nursing Home Level of Care. The state plans to introduce two new waiver options to help seniors it says don't qualify.

Few Options for Seniors After Waiver

May 29, 2015
Photo by Quinton Chandler/KBBI

The Alaska Department of Senior and Disabilities Services is being criticized for finding hundreds of seniors ineligible for a Medicaid waiver program that pays the cost of their housing and nursing care. The department's director defends the denials. He says the individuals who were denied the C waiver option don’t meet Nursing Home Level of Care. There is an apparent gap between the state’s disability services and the people who need them. 

Medicaid Denials Leave Alaska Seniors Reeling

May 28, 2015
Department of Health and Social Services

Many of Alaska’s seniors are in danger of losing their only means of paying for disability services. The state and the federal government partner in funding in-home and assisted living services for the seniors who qualify. Caregivers say the problem is individuals who met the state’s criteria for years are now being let go from the system.

Iggy + Children Of The Dirt

Mar 25, 2015

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And I am Alix Spiegel. And today, we're talking about categories.

Computer Or Human? + Thad

Feb 13, 2015

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How To Grow A Bully + Lullaby

Feb 13, 2015

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